Accidental Fasting & Hooters

Last week I was supposed to go to a Chamber of Commerce meeting and I got shafted by unexpected business needs. They were not even mental. Now, even though I had started my day with coffee and expected a big satisfying meal, followed by paperwork, it never happened. Acute labor shortages meant manual labor.

I skipped the Chamber luncheon switched to tea and a couple of cucumbers and worked my tale off. Previously, I had made a mental commitment to starting my new fast on January 25, so I wasn’t too worried about a pound or two of my weight but what the heck I figured I may as well take any gifts and use them. This is when I hit the 222.5 mark and have held it since.

Now in the good old days a sacrifice like working all day would have been more than offset by a trip to Hooters for a few pitchers of beer and a couple of platters of wings. Today I would never dream of lapsing and ruin a free day of fasting – and its not because my morals improved. Anymore, the only time I lapse and go to Hooters for wings and beer is for a family event. No lie, I found out Hooters offers a kids menu, kids placemats to color on and a line of clothing for babies and toddlers. I always thought it was about beautiful female bodies – I guess you’re never to old to learn.

So this diatribes has nothing to do with hooters whether capitalized or not (ie the item or the business.) I have learned that if I am to control my weight, the only way to do it is by controlling myself. The reward for the day of starvation and hard work is the slight drop in weight without any extraordinary effort like a trip to the gym.

When the Work Gods hand you a gift you should graciously accept the benefit and not blow it.

2 Responses to “Accidental Fasting & Hooters”

  1. themiddlemanager Says:

    It is an terrific feeling when you realize that you control the weight and not the other way around!

    Keep it up!

  2. Fat Savage Says:

    Really Glad to Have You Back!!! You bin missed.

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