Is Fasting Worth It?

In a word – yes.

I started on December 11 at a weight of 227 pounds which I had held for over a month after my modified semi fast had taken me from 257 down to below 220. As with most fasts, I drifted back up to 227. So what! I had dropped 30 permanent pounds with the effort. (At least permanent for now until the beast in the Fat Savage kicks in and I binge for a year or two.)

So two weeks before Christmas, I started fasting and expected it to run until the holiday. Unfortunately, I had to end it prematurely after losing 7.5 pounds in 5 days.

Now some of the big criticisms of fasting are that the weight loss is just water, the weight loss is not permanent and people are prone to binge level eating after fasting. Now I admit there might have been some binge level eating and drinking associated with the holidays but that activity had been planned long before the fast.

My daughter, her family and my niece showed up and because of the kids we were eating three meals a day. Breakfast was at our favorite resort hotel usually followed by swimming in their pool. Dinner was always a formal affair with lots of wine and conversation and no “Push – aways” from the table allowed – except to chase a wandering kid. My niece and son-in-law are both party people so there was some serious binge level activity until 3am in the morning on a few occasions.

The night of the Governor’s inaugural ball, we had a steak dinner at 6pm followed by the ball at 9pm with wine and eating. We got home reasonably sated at about 1 am but since my son-in-law was golfing the next day, my niece and I decided to torment him by continuing the party without him. Naturally, the temptation was too much and we all stayed up competitively drinking Cuzan Rum until 3 am. (Yeah, I felt like crap the next day while he got up and went golfing.)

I started the new Year at 222 down 35 pounds from the year before and the binge activity (more food than booze) continued until Jan 10 when everyone went home. It is now January 14th and I weighed in this morning at 222.5 after a couple of days of accidental fasting. I’m really not planing my next fast before January 25th but if accidentally beneficial days come along, I will naturally take advantage of them.

Was the fasting worth it? Well, I started the new year with weight under my control, I lost 5 permanent pounds and I am down 35 pounds from a year earlier.

Fasting really works for me – you will have to test it at some level on your own body to find your own results.

Good luck.

7 Responses to “Is Fasting Worth It?”

  1. ggwfung Says:

    and fasting seasonally has glorious effects.


  2. Lee Friend Says:

    What is your daily routine for fasting? Do you eat after a certain time? do you jsut drink water? do you chew gum?

  3. fatsavage Says:

    First off I try to make my fast as natural as possible and avoid more than include. I avoid coffee which sedates me, I avoid anything tha renminds me of sugar or desert including candy, gum or apples. I skip any wake -up meals and hit the ground running.

    I drink lots of fluids including green teas and herbal tea, water and club soda. At night a couple of glasses of red wine and a small light dinner – chicken and something. When first starting I nibble on anything a rabbit would eat.

    Also, I would never fast unless I were planning a busy day to keep my mind off food.

  4. Lee Friend Says:

    Sounds like a good plan. Cheers.

  5. body4god Says:

    So basically you’re not “totally” fasting, more like selective fasting…as in skipping certain meals and omitting specific items from your normal dietary intake?

    I think of a fast as choosing an extended period of time 1 day, 2 days, a week, and so on and omitting food intake for the entire period.

    Do your fasts have any spiritual meaning attached to them or are they purely physical pursuits?

    Seems like a good way to both cleanse the system, AND lose a few pounds.

    How regular do you plan seasons of fasting?

  6. Burning 6500 Calories a Day « The Gonzo Fat Savage Lifestyle Says:

    […] The Gonzo Fat Savage Lifestyle More than you want to know! Copyright Fat Savage 2006 « Is Fasting Worth It? […]

  7. fatsavage Says:

    To Body4god

    I am capable of doing total fasts of 5.5 days on 1.5 days off for extended periods and I mean total skipping water and food. The problem is that the fast becomes the goal and is not conducive to meditation, hard work or perminant weight loss.

    When I do a modified semi-fasts the work is a major part of it, whether it’s kayaking solo five miles offshore or rebuilding a room. And despite my hedonistic and agnostic nature I cannot help but marvel at the complexity of nature when I am working hard on the house, in the yard or at sea. So yes hard work and semi – fasting can be spiritual in nature.

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