Revisiting the Buddah Belly

The great thing about the Internet is that if you don’t like the first answer you get just keep on searching sooner or later your beliefs will be validated by a different web page. Now when I first wrote about my one pack Buddha Belly, I had stumbled across a formula that said I was 53% fat. Further research at wikipedia indicated that based on my floating in a swimming pool I was closer to 43-45% fat which is still pretty disgusting.

After working out with my grandchildren for 10 days by swimming twice a day, climbing wicked hills and skipping wherever we found a smooth flat surface (usually a shopping plaza), I knew that there had to be some toning of the muscles so it was time to search the web again.

This time I found a formula used by the Navy and approved by Admirals. I absolutely loved the vast improvement in such a short 2 week period. According to the Navy formula I was only 22% Body fat with an ideal weight of 202 pounds at 5’8ā€ tall. I love it, with my current goal I could be a perfect Navy Man by the end of next year. God Bless Fat Admirals.

Now in my study of meology, I know for a fact that the last time I was 200, I had ripples on my abs and lovers handles at my side so it was good but not perfect. In reality the BMI chart is equally ridiculous because I’m sure that my corpse will weigh more than 160 pounds when I’m long dead. Actually I believe that some number around 190 pounds was the last time I was satisfied but since that was 40 years ago, I won’t really know until I get there.

Just to be sure it’s a real drop in body fat I went over to the original Wikipedia article to check my body fat again. Now there has been a shift in my density. When in the pool, I need the equivalent of a gallon jug to just float after all of the air is out of my lungs. I plugged all the information into their formulas and the calculation came out to 26-27% body fat.

Either way, my grandchildren gave me a hell of a work out and there is improvement in reduced body fat even if the weight hasn’t changed that much.

The proof of a good pie is in eating it so there is no way to tell if I’ll still be fat or not at 200 until I get there.

8 Responses to “Revisiting the Buddah Belly”

  1. waistloss Says:

    Thanks for the formula. Now I know that I need to lose about 100lbs to be a Navy Man. Maybe I could just lose 50 and be a Navy ship?

  2. Mike E Says:

    Study of Meology?

    That is classic shit. Drips with Gonzo grease.

    Quips like that remind me why I am a word thief.

  3. fatsavage Says:

    Keep on staealing Mike E but try to stick to just words. šŸ™‚

  4. fatsavage Says:

    oops spelling stealing (6)

  5. Justin V Says:


    Didn’t take me 5 years, pretty much reached the level in about 3 years, been maintaining and tweaking for the past 2. You’re get there, senial and all. LOL

  6. Ed W Says:

    I bring good news! If you have been using the formula in Wikapedia to calculate your percent body fat you have been unfairly penalizing yourselves. The Siri formula is based on density to calc your percent fat, but the Wikapedia density formula leaves out the fact that you need to subtract the residual air volume in your lungs! You may be including almost a liter of air which would result in a density comparible to a stick of butter. So go find your residual lung volume, recalculate, and have a beer.

  7. fatsavage Says:

    Thanks Ed, I will follow your advice – at least once in awhile.


    Fat Savage

  8. Ed W Says:


    As you said earlier, if you dont like the results of one webpage, go find another. We need a simple formula to estimate residual lung volume and I am on a quest (as time allows) to find one. I remember last lifetime when I had this done at a gym I blew into a spirometer to get the max expired volume. There must be a simple way to calc from that. Any advice?


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