Planning For Failure!

Unbelievable as it may seem more people plan for failure than plan for success. Planning for failure is easy. In the business world, people come up with an idea, then the find a location, without any idea of proper inventory levels, potential sales per square foot, the number of employees needed, a business plan or an advertising plan. Just because you can cook doesn’t mean that you can run a business with dozens of employees, perishable inventory, variable demands for your products and hundreds of state and federal regulations which must be obeyed.

Now some people buy a franchise where the national organization does the planning and that concept works in dieting. You have dozens of plans like Weight Watchers, Aikens, Jenny Craig, South Beach etc. If you’re not going to do a serious plan on your own, you would do better off spending the extra money to get a professional, knowledgeable coach to work with you. On the other hand if you are a Fat Savage who likes to be left alone – you better plan in advance to win or inevitably you are planing to fail. The following list is pretty much a straight path to failure.

1. Keep it a secret – that way if you fail no one will mock you or embarrass you. WRONG you need all the help that you can get and a little shame may stop you from quitting.
2. Do it totally on your own. WRONG – even if you are a hermit, you need the advice and support of people who have been there and done it. If you hate to be around people, then blog. There are other fat loners out there who will give advice.

3. Start without planning on the spur of the moment. WRONG – it takes a lot of physical and mental effort to diet so you have to think about your approach and how you are going to cope with the demands of family, work and community.

4. Start on the National Day of Failure, New Years Day. WRONG – this is a day of shared failure and crushed dreams. There is little reason to believe that anyone who starts on New Years day will make it through Super Bowl Sunday.

5. Don’t plan for failure. WRONG – Every successful dieter know that there will be human relapses, or days of grace where indulgences are allowed. All or Nothing Eating habits never work, so when you fail, plan to start again.
6. Set unrealistic goals. WRONG – setting unrealistic goals almost guarantees failure as you quit trying when you can’t even come close.

7. It won’t matter if you have a last binge before you start. WRONG – weight gained before you start is just as hard to lose as the weight gained over a lifetime, so after a week or two of dieting, you may be the same as before the binge.

When you fail to develop a plan you are actually planning on failing.

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