Blog Chronicle verses the Gonzo Blog

“Get in touch with your inner self?”

It is hard to figure out the difference between sound advice and mindless pablum and I admit to dwelling in both worlds. The difference between blog styles is readily seen in diet blogs where there are many obvious styles. First, we have the chronicle. This is the most basic form of blog. It lists what I ate, my activities for the day and documents accurately the successful drop of a pound or so.

The next level up usually occurs when a person breaks into a plateau where they question the wisdom and perhaps the existence of God and can actually rise to the level of Jesus plea from the cross as to “Why has thou forsaken me?” At this point the humor and personality of the writer begins to emerge. My first chronicle was before the existence of the internet when I quit smoking and I moved to this level about 4 hours after I decided to quit. We will call this the plateau epiphanies.

Now the best writers and perhaps the most successful dieters seem to evolve from this plateau and move forward in two different and distinct ways. In one case, very hard work and extensive research is conducted to develop a wisdom base which can keep you on course. A good example is my friend The Middle Manager.

The other area is the personal self evaluation and exploring the inner self in a non-judgmental way. The key here is non-judgmental. Robin is excellent at this. She was fat, she has two kids, some days she eats crap and gets lazy but instead of quitting, she just gets together with Billy Banks and improves herself.

What she has discovered is that a diet is not to reach a goal; it’s a way of life.

I started a five day fast to knock me off a plateau that I had been on since early November. I did not consider the month long period of indulgence a sin, but a celebration of life. The point of the fast was to prepare for holiday indulgences. Yeah, I gained back half of my loss, but didn’t start the New Year competing with the Goodyear Blimp.

The goal of my next fasting period is to drop 30 pounds to the merely fat range and stay under 200 (borderline obese) for the rest of the year. Goals beyond that will have to wait for the time beyond that. And if I fail, so what? I will have worked a little harder during the year and eaten a little less crap during the course of the year.

As to the mindless dribble – This is the sanctimonious crap from pill pushers, and professional trainers who forgot what it was like to suffer from desire or feel guilty over failures. Just give me offerings from the humble masses striving to be (fat) free.

2 Responses to “Blog Chronicle verses the Gonzo Blog”

  1. waistloss Says:

    I’m still in the Chronicle stage. I’ll have to lose some before I can plateau.

  2. Robin Says:

    What helped me was realizing that I didn’t put on the extra weight in a week so I wasn’t gonna lose it in a week. Instead of having the all or nothing attitude I look at my life as a series of moments. Much better than trying to do everything all at once. Being a Military Wife I have gotten used to the “HURRY UP AND WAIT” mentality of the Army. I know what I have to do…I do it and then wait patiently for the results to catch up to my efforts. Trust me in the beginning it was measure, weigh, complain, whine…I guess as I got older I discovered there is more to life than numbers. I let go of all the stress that I was putting on myself (trust me I have more than I need) and once I did that and just “lived” everything fell into place.
    I look at plateaus as my body’s way of catching up to my HURRY UP efforts. Next time you plateau…take your measurements and you will be amazed by what you discover. 😀

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