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Day 4 Going Strong

January 31, 2007

Just a quick post to say that weight loss is slowing down as I approach new 5 year lows.  I’m at 214.6 after a day of hard work and limited food and alcohol consumption.  From a fasting and work perspective I couldn’t be any better.  But as I approach new low’s I’m sure I’ll hit an illogical plateau.  Still, I’m not feeling any real pain from my efforts so no reason to quit.

Day 3 – Successful Fasting.

January 30, 2007

On the intake side yesterday was no big deal. Cucumber, fresh vine ripe tomatoes, locally grown and that’s about it. After work 2 glasses of wine, 1 leftover rib(pork), one leftover 1/4 pound piece of turkey kielbasa (sausage) and a small 2oz piece of cheese. It all tasted fine.

I thought that yesterday was going to be one of those very screwed up days. When you work with poor people you have to expect anything such as one person dealing with getting her ass whipped by an abusive husband (He didn’t really mean to do it he was drunk and only does it when he’s drunk which is most of the time). An unwanted pregnancy involving a 23 year old bad boy – jail bird and a 15 year old Virgin(actually sweet) and two ex-employees that filed false unemployment claims which we will have to fight legally and pay a lawyer (They both abandoned their jobs so they could party for the holidays, one for the second time.)

I never realized that anger and frustration burn so many calories.

Weight this morning was 215.1 down 4 pounds for the three days and I even drank a lot of fluids.

Living proof anger takes more energy than platonic love.

I like Me – even Fat Me.

January 29, 2007

I read in many blogs despair over life in general and the reason people get fat was eating to hide. I never had that problem. I’m fat because I deserve to be fat. I eat too much and drink too much, I work too hard, enjoy sex and social intercourse. The last time I hated me was when I was smoking and I quit in 1984. Now that was a totally worthless addiction that interfered with my ability to be active or to work hard. In the end there was no pleasure but just the absence of pain.

Everything I do is done for pleasure, I could not live a life without sex. If I eat and drink too much, I get bloated and too fat for sex and hard work. Still I don’t eat to cure hunger, I eat because of fine taste. Oatmeal could lower my blood cholesterol 12 points in a month and I still wouldn’t eat it without cinnamon and brown sugar to kill the taste.

Last night I had ribs (with honey, mustard, and mango chutney BBQ sauce), lima beans and a baked potato with sour cream and butter. I waged a battle to keep my portion under 500 calories and lost as it drifted up to about 750. That plus the bottle of wine and the nominal calories taken in during the day put me at only 1300 but I didn’t do any manual labor. I played the desk jockey roll all day and weighed in at 216.6 the same as yesterday.

I really tried to exercise yesterday by swimming but after getting knocked over by an unexpected 6 foot wave and being towed out to sea in the undertow, I decided that this was a day that was better spent talking business at my favorite watering hole and cooking the above dinner. Actually it could also be that I was swimming in the coldest weather ever recorded in St. Croix. It got all the way down to 69 degrees. I really am a pleasure seeking/comfort seeking animal and anything under 80 is cold.

To some extent my comfort with myself is hampering my diet. I am able to work hard enough to burn 6500 calories a day and hold that pace for a week. There are no complaints on my sexual abilities, I still like to drink and eat and at a BMI of 33, I really don’t look sloppy fat unless I’m naked. In my mind, I know it will be healthier if I drop the 30 pounds, and then I will probably look good in a bathing suit but the only real advantage I can conceive on the short term is that I’ll be able to be a better hang glider than my daughter. (Or maybe not since she is very competitive.)

It is just as hard to diet when you love yourself as it is when you hate yourself.

Elements of the Fat Savage Fast.

January 28, 2007

Any reforming Fat Savage could tell you that the secret to a balanced diet is to work hard while foraging all day for whatever a rabbit would eat and then return to the cave for a balanced hot meal. Too much rabbit food will make you suffer. Too many big hot meals will make you fat. The following is a compilation of comments on fasting posted all over.

Its doubtful that any real savage would start the day with a hearty breakfast. While living in a scary world full of natural and unnatural enemies, the never ending quest for food is hard enough without feeling groggy. A protein rich breakfast is rich in tryptophane which is a precursor to serotonin and this would make the savage drowsy and sleepy. Seems to me if you were a savage bright enough to survive you would wake up, cleanse your mouth with something, drink some fluid (probably water) and get on with your daily fight for survival.

I started a five day fast before Christmas to knock me off a plateau that I had been on since early November. I did not consider the month long period of indulgence between dieting a sin, but a celebration of life. The point of the fast was to prepare for holiday indulgences. Yeah, I gained back half of my loss, but didn’t start the New Year competing with the Goodyear Blimp.

Amazingly I also fasted because I wanted to enjoy high energy days. When I eat a full breakfast and drink coffee I feel sated and lazy. When I don’t eat, I fell restless and keep moving in a manic manner. Like the little rabbit – I just kept on moving. At 62 years old, I’m stating to understand my body. If I want to work, then starve! If I want to sit at a desk all day, then eat and get lazy.

By the way This is not a true fast but more like the fast that Muslims do during Rhamadan. I subsist on minimal inputs during daylight hours, do as much manual labor during the day as possible and at night I eat a light dinner. Unlike the Muslims, I usually have a few glasses of wine with dinner. I take my vitamins and calcium everyday.

Overall it worked for me. Down to 219.5 lbs or a loss of 7.5 pounds in 5 days. People can warn all the want about fasting but the fact is it works. Especially, when I skip breakfast, stay off the coffee and keep active all day.

I showed my doctor the belt which I had been wearing since August which is down 5 inches and I am still officially obese. He suggests that if fasting all day causes me to do manual labor and I can afford the time away from the desk, there is a lot less harm in fasting and working hard than the is in abdominal obesity. I should just consider alternating the feast and famine to balance my needs for work or management. And why not start the new year with another fast to drop another 10 pounds.

I have read about the blood type diet, the type A diet and all the rest and I am sure that all of them work for some people and equally sure that no one plan will work for everyone. It was comforting to hear a press report that a calorie lost from lack of food is exactly the same as a calorie lost to exercise. I hope others enjoy the search to discover themselves and stop being so sanctimonious about whether vegan, vegetarian, fasting (absolute or modified) or a corporate meal plan is best.

The proof of the pie is in the eating and after two days I am down to 216.6 or a loss of 2.5 pounds. Friday was an excellent day of hard work, fasting and limited wine. Yesterday was too much time at the desk, too much wine and a controlled dinner. I admit it would have been a lot healthier with more manual labor and less wine but I am a Fat Savage and these things happen.

Fasting is Not Punishment!

January 27, 2007

Today I started fasting at a 3 year low in weight (219.1 lbs.). I will keep going until I reach a plateau at which point I will stop. A drop of 10 pounds would be nice. About 3 weeks ago, I picked yesterday to start my fast and then decided to put it off one day as my wife didn’t leave in the morning. She left late in the afternoon so we had a nice breakfast. When she left, I got rid of some social kryptonite so fasting should be a little easier with her gone.

Even if I hadn’t started a formal period of fasting today it would have been an accidental fasting day. I got up at 5:30 am and was at work by 6 am. Four people I expected didn’t show, partially an office scheduling problem and unknown to me, yesterday’s work was not complete. That left a mess for me to dig out of. At 9:30am, I flushed down my multi-vitamins and calcium supplement with a cup of water which I guess could be considered breakfast. At 10 am I had a 12oz mug of green tea which I drank while working and at 11:30, I took a formal break with another cup of green tea which I nursed until noon.

I have a couple of cucumbers on my desk, a grapefruit and a star apple, but haven’t felt the need. Plus I have a lot more work to do – I will keep an accurate record this time to find out exactly what I do on my fast and why and pass it along. But the one thing I won’t do is torture myself. If I feel the need I’ll eat something and then tonight it will be “Makedo Green Chile” a modified version of a recipe from waistloss. (I’ll report on that later)

At 1:30 I had a cup of zero calorie Black Cherry Berry tea and a cucumber. I had another cup of the same about 2:30. At 5pm I was getting thirsty and hungry so I ate 4 radishes and 1/2 the grapefruit with no sugar. I sliced it like an orange and ate it the way kids eat orange wedges – it was sweet and great. Now I know I’m starting to get dehydrated and missing a little salt from sweating so I knocked off a liter of club soda over the course of an hour or so and that gives me 4% of my salt for the day so I better try to pick up a little more with dinner. Low salt cramps up my mussels.

I’ll discuss the “Makedo green Chile” separately but suffice it to say it was very hot. So to mute it, I served it over a bed of rice and added some sour cream on top. This was made from skinless bonless chicken so all in all probably maxed out at about 600 calories. While I have only finished ½ bottle of wine, for sake of argument I will assume I drink the whole bottle- That, plus the cucumber, radishes and grapefruit puts me about 1250 for the day.


I consider that neither good or bad but what I needed for the day the real key to tomorrow’s weight is how much manual labor I did for the day. The food inputs are pretty close to what I’ve said I do before when doing a modified fast and working hard for the day.

God Has a Sense of Humor!

January 26, 2007

My friend over at waistloss asked that I describe and if possible get some pictures of lesser known fruits of the Caribbean. I thought that this research might be fun as most Americans have eaten the product of two of these fruits without even thinking about it. Well I thought about it and still love to eat them.

The Sapodilla alone is proof that God has a sense of humor.

Read and Enjoy.

Sapodilla (Mispero or Nispero)

This fruit looks like a wrinkled potato and when really ripe, it feels like a rotten squishy potato. The yellowish-brown flesh is translucent and is reminiscent of a bad day for a baby’s bowl movement and it’s appearance is as appetizing as changing a baby’s diaper. Young fruits contain tannin and are unpalatable.

Amazingly everybody reading this has eaten a product from the fruit of this tree. Indians used to cook up the unripe fruit which is high in natural latex. The natural high sugar level and delicious taste made this perfect for the first all-natural chewing gum. Thus, the principal commercial product from this tree is not the fruit but the milky latex that is the chief source of chicle

Nutritional Information: Ounce for ounce, sapodilla is an outstanding source of soluble dietary fiber and a good source of calcium and phosphorus.

This delicious very sweet fruit is great for a quick energy pick up during a sugar low but is hardly a diet fruit. It is so sinfully delicious when eaten raw, that it’s appearance is not a deterrent for those in the know.

100 gms yields 112 calories.



Slices cut in cross-section are star shaped and make a great garnish on salads and foods. Most West Indians don’t eat Carambolas, they are simply not sweet enough. However I think they have one of the most refreshing balances of sugar and acid of any fruit. I love to eat them when orange color & ripe before the start turning brown. (I cut the brown sections off and eat the rest.) My West Indian Friends turn them into a refreshing juice beverage.

There are abundant medicinal uses from India, Brazil and Cuba. It is used to stop bleeding, as a diuretic, to relieve hangovers, to stop diarrhea and to quench thirst and reduce fever. The sweet local variety has a nice balance of acid (oxalic) and is mildly sweet with about 4% sugar.

I love to eat one or two in the morning as it gives my mouth a refreshing clean taste.

Only 36 calories per 100 grams with negligible fat or protein.


Chinese apple

The Chinese apple is one of the symbols of Hera, the queen of the gods


All members of this genus contain the toxin hydrogen cyanide in their seeds and possibly also in their leaves, but not in their fruits. Unfortunately, everybody I know eats the seeds. In small quantities, hydrogen cyanide has been shown to stimulate respiration and improve digestion, and is also claimed to be of benefit in the treatment of cancer. In excess, however, it can cause respiratory failure leading to death.

One Chinese apple delivers 40% of an adult’s daily vitamin C requirement. It is also a rich source of folic acid and of antioxidants. Chinese apples are high in polyphenols which are the antioxidant responsible for the free-radical scavenging ability of Chinese apple juice. The juice,containing tannins, has been found effective in reducing several heart risk factors and reduce blood pressure

60 calories for 2.5 inch fruit

white pomegranate
Yes, this is the other fruit that most Americans have eaten, It is called a pomegranate.

God most certainly has a sense of humor.

Dieting – My Personal Kryptonite

January 25, 2007

Robin (Limenade and Watermelon) made the following statement over at the Waistloss Blog:

“We are all human…and everyone has their Kryptonite…for me it is pastries and chocolate.”

For me it’s family and extended family gatherings. In truth, I am sort of a very antisocial human being with a few exceptions. I like my family – that is I like the part of my family I still talk to. We grew up in an Irish beer drinking clan and the part of the family that never quit drinking stayed together. Naturally, our children have our blood and continue the tradition. As with most old world families you never drink without eating and the more the better. So alcohol is a trigger for food and in a family setting food is a trigger for alcohol. We are a perfect match for the new improved “family menu Hooters

It doesn’t matter if it’s a visit from daughter, son, son-in-law, niece, brother or whoever, the kryptonite arrives with the guest. Now my wife of 40 years is a social person who likes to stop after work for a glass of wine or so prior to dinner. Since I enjoy her company, I usually join her and then of course there is more wine with dinner. The only time I skip is during a planned fast which I usually start when she is visiting the grandchildren in winter without me. So in a sense, I live with my own social kryptonite that leads me to food and drink. She is a good cook when in the mood so seconds are an easy course.

In addition, we go out to dinner on Sunday to a restaurant which has great seafood which my wife is allergic to and great Italian which she loves. This place offers so much flavor, that when fasting, I’ll eat 2 appetizers and feel happy. My wife favors this place because of the absolutely fantastic deserts which neither of us cook and which you can’t buy in stores and never see outside of big cities.

The worst cases of instant weight gain is when I gained 17 pounds in a 6 day trip to see my son. I get up at 5am and would eat some fruit with coffee and milk. At 9am everybody was ready for breakfast which I would join for the social event but I love bacon and eggs. Eveybody else wanted lunch at 12:30 pm, wine and appetizers at 6 and dinner and more wine at 9 pm. Naturally I never skipped a family event or a meal. Fortunately, I dumped the weight in 8 days to fall back into the obese range.

The other sustained weight gain came with current girlfriend who is also a social eater who wants company with every meal. So up at 5am and breakfast (coffee and leftovers). Then at 7am, hearty breakfast with with GF. At 10 am off to a resort hotel for a nice meal with my wife. Then at 2pm, it would be time for a big West Indian meal with GF (stewed beef with carrots and potatoes served over a bed of seasoned rice and pigeon peas.) After work, wine with wife, then home for steak, baked potatoes and vegetable and more wine.

So in less than 6 months I was pushing 260 and TFTF so there was no sense having a girlfriend. The positive side was being so sedated that all the paperwork was always done.

It’s easy for me to say no to food, but that damn social kryptonite catches me every time.

Happy Birthday, Body

January 23, 2007

The following is a transcript of an Instant Message Exchange between me and my daughter on my birthday.

Daughter says:
Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you…

My purpose in life is to die young as old as possible says:
Hey thanks been sort of limin today [limin means relaxing]

Daughter says:
Cool. You probably need that

Daughter says:
You going out to dinner tonight?

My purpose in life is to die young as old as possible says:
Naw, did that Sunday – decadent – went to Duggan’s for a two pound lobster and wine. Then off to Cultured Pelican for deadly desert and after-dinner drink

Daughter says:

Daughter says:
On your diet this week?

My purpose in life is to die young as old as possible says:
Did breakfast at The Palms today.

Daughter says:
Of course you did

My purpose in life is to die young as old as possible says:
Believe it or not 220 this morning. My three year low before Christmas was 219.6 and that was after fasting for five days – I do believe after 62 years I have figured out this eating/activity shit so that I can stay in a narrow range- even just beginning to figure out how to eat light on days when a desk-jockey

Daughter says:
your a nut
My purpose in life is to die young as old as possible says:
Not a nut – just a Fat Savage

Dieting is easier than thinking

January 22, 2007

If your a certifiable Fat Savage, (including ADHD and Hyperactivity) dieting is easier than thinking. I started my weight loss effort in August when I had issues that I simply didn’t want to address. Then in October, my office got robbed and vandalized and generally trashed – since papers were for three business activities covering the last 7 tax years and cradle to grave EPA reports for 10 years, the clean-up was one more activity that I didn’t want to face. This was followed by visits to my children and the Christmas Holidays. Since everybody is healthy and active, there were a lot more high energy days.

Well, as described, I have been successful coupling my fasting activities with my my high energy days and have lost 35 sustainable pounds over the past 5 months and am mentally prepared and on target for another 30 pound weight loss in the first few months of this year. As a matter of fact, as Just 10 suggests, controlling your weight and keeping in shape gets easier each year you do it. The side benifit is that you are just too tired to worry about very much and sleep well despite your problems.

Now the biggest problem I’m facing is relearning how to be sedentary without killing my diet. My personal problems have diminished without me making any decision at all, my office is still a mess, but if I don’t take care of those damn government forms, it will most certainly jeopardize my livelihood.

The sad part is in the area of EPA regulations, it doesn’t matter if you keep the environment perfectly safe and there are no taxes or fees to pay, but you are judged on the records you keep which certify your concern for the environment by documenting all your activities relative to the environment. If there is no documentation to prove it, then the assumption becomes you are a pig and didn’t do it.

Using my hyperactivity in a positive way to control my weight is the easy part, controlling my hyperactivity to complete my paperwork is the next mental war with myself.

Plain and simple – Fat Savages were not designed for the industrial age.

Out of the Closet – I’m Addicted to My Scale!

January 21, 2007

My relationship with my scale makes Monk look like an amateur when it comes to compulsive behavior. On the average day I probably weigh myself 10 to 20 times. When I don’t like my weight, I weigh myself 2 or 3 more times just to make sure it comes up with the same answer. I step on from a different angle or I place my feet in slightly different positions all in an effort to get a lower reading. In the old days of mechanical scales, you could play the scale for a 3-5 pound difference and get the answer you wanted after an all night binge.

With the new electronic sales, that type of activity doesn’t work but old habits die hard.

Seriously, I weigh myself before going to a party. I weigh myself after a party. (5-6 pound gain) and the unusual activity is in the middle of the night. Every time I get up for aspirin for chronic pain or to go to the toilet, I weigh myself and monitor my night time weight loss. By morning, after going to the bathroom I will have lost 3-5 pounds as my body sheds the excess indulgences from the day before. I can usually tell by 2 am if I will wake up with a gain or loss. Even in the morning I weigh myself before and after my trips to the bathroom. (0.6 pounds difference, if you really want to know.)

I know that most personal trainers, Oprah and the About experts suggest once a week or less, but I believe that is bullshit advice. I know that when I get in to the party, sedentary desk-jockey, night time couch potato mode instead of acting like the ADHD hyperactive person I am, the first thing I do is stop weighing myself at all because I won’t like the results. Who the hell wants to monitor failure on a long term basis?

I am glad to find out that professional paid science is once again beginning to catch up with armature meology. Recent reports of scientific research on the web and in the press, point out that daily weighing leads to greater weight loss. In a two year study, those who never weighed themselves gained 4 pounds, those who weighed themselves weekly lost 6 pounds and those who weigh themselves daily lost 12 pounds over the two years.

Now that’s exactly why I intend to weigh myself 10-20 times a day for the next year as part of my regime to lose 30 pounds and keep it off.

Oh well, looks like scaler addiction ain’t all that bad.