False Hope is Better Than No Hope!!!

According to Dante, the sign over the Gate of Hell is inscribed the famous phrase, “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate” or “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” Now if you think about it for more than a few minutes, life without hope probably is the definition of Hell. No matter how poor we are, how sick or how fat, we can start a new day refreshed by our hopes that everything will be all right.

Evidence shows that American’s may be living on False Hope and that my claiming to be driven by hope is not totally unusual. More than one in five Americans believe the best way to get rich is to win the lottery, 38 percent of those earning less than $25,000 a year say winning the lottery was the most practical way to gain wealth, and 31 percent over the age of 65 were also more likely to believe winning the lottery was more practical than saving each month.

So let’s see, from my blog on Fear, Hope and Reality, almost 1/3 of Americans rely on the hope of winning to overcome their fear of loosing or facing the reality that there chances of winning are lower than their chances of getting hit by lightening. No wonder this is a suckers game and will go on forever.

So even though I dwell, in an unrealistic world fueled by false hope, I am forced to face Voltaire’s reality that “This is the best of all possible world’s.” For those of you who don’t remember, he was a French mathematician who invented solitaire and wrote porn (Candide). The joke in his quote is of course we live in the only possible world unless you count Mike E’s and that it’s unrealistic to believe that I’ll drop another 30 pounds without a lot of suffering and hard work.

6 Responses to “False Hope is Better Than No Hope!!!”

  1. themiddlemanager Says:

    My hope? One day I will be able to write nearly this well. Very jealous. 🙂

  2. fatsavage Says:

    Thank you, you can’t imagine how much your encouragement means! You see in a couple of future posts.

  3. Mike E Says:

    You know I’d hang out in the Real World more, I really would. But my own little world is better.

    And that, paradoxically, is plain inescapable Reality.

    Only trick for me is finding some way to sneak everyone I love into the imaginary!

    Alrighty. Back to work then.

  4. Krom the Kreator Says:

    No matter how poor we are, how sick or how fat, we can start a new day refreshed by our hopes that everything will be all right.

    Is hope needed when we have knowledge?

    Intriguing post, fatsavage. I think hope has a lot of merit, and I don’t think we have to abandon it just because we find ourselves in Hell. Now, if they didn’t have mocha lattes in Hell, then you might make a case for losing hope 🙂

  5. fatsavage Says:


    Hope is needed because of knowledge. Christ, if I had to deal with the knowledge of reality without hope, I’d probobaly pull the ultimate Hunter Thompson or drink even more. Dante was right about Hell being existance without Hope.

    Of course, it could be a coincidence or that his vision was blurred by the fact that he was a doctor and a pharmacist who studied drugs in his youth.

  6. Despair and Reality! « The Gonzo Fat Savage Lifestyle Says:

    […] False Hope is Better Than No Hope!! […]

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