Scissors, Paper, Stone: A Metaphor for Life.

Anyone who was ever really a kid or who had kids knows the childhood game where scissors win by cutting paper, paper wins by covering stone and stone wins by smashing the scissors. You get to chose your role and the only way to lose on a regular basis is to always choose the same one or to be very unlucky.

For the first time ever, my wife and I went out to dinner on Christmas Day. And it was a spectacular event. The food and wine were excellent and yes I engaged in gluttony for the second day in a row, I am blowing the hell out of the good effect of the fast but having a great time doing it. The reason that I am gaining weight is exactly the opposite of why I lost it; I’m eating too much and not working hard enough.

Now the epiphany on the children’s game is that as adults, Hope, Fear, and Reality replace scissors paper and stone. Our hopes will always conquer our fears if we believe strongly enough, our fears will destroy our reality if we are scared enough and reality is always there to conquer our false hopes and keep us stable. The only way to lose in the game of life is to chose one path exclusively over the other or to be very unlucky.

Yes, I chose to live in a world or hope while ignoring fear and reality. Like Peter Pan, I envision myself conquering new worlds and remaining forever young. I suppose that if I were really grown up I would learn to balance fear, hope and reality. I might have a retirement plan, a pension and all that other good stuff. However, as a child I usually chose scissors or stone because using paper was a sissy way to win.

I never did learn to play nice with others and probably never learned to play the game of life.

4 Responses to “Scissors, Paper, Stone: A Metaphor for Life.”

  1. themiddlemanager Says:

    Right on! Great analogy. I was a scissors man, myself.

  2. Mike E Says:

    Well you can right one whip-swirl of a blog-post. If that’s worth points in the Life Game.

    Yeah….I’ve never been a huge Reality Person. I’m a fantastically wishful thinker. Gets me in trouble sometimes but it’s the best thing about Mike E.

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