Still more Sinner than Saint!

Well yesterday was the first day of Break Fast including breakfast, coffee and all the good stuff.  After work (Managerial and Boring), I had a snack of steak and macaroni and cheese.  What the Hell, it tasted good.   Then went out for a glass of wine with my wife.  Damn, It was a party night and the wine never stopped flowing.

I purchased one 6 oz glass and 4 more came our way paid for by friends.  Good God, I got home safe but a little tipsy and got the “hungries”.  Remember that duck cooked last Sunday, well the other half screamed out to me last night so I put it out of it’s misery and ate it all.  Who says weight lost while fasting isn’t permanent.  I got up this morning and weighed 220.9

There is a God and She loves me.

I will try to fast during the daytime again today so that I can get some manual labor done.

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