ADHD Fidgeting Shouldn’t be a Symptom

I found out on my trip to St. Thomas that Fidgeting should not be a symptom of anything., My wife and I were having dinner at Marrott’s Frenchman Reef Hotel and the meal was simply perfect. She had felet (beef) cooked very rare with a blue cheese sause, potatoes and asparagus. I had an Ahi Tuna seared on both sides to just warm it served with flavored rice and asparagus. Naturally we shared a bottle of red wine to wash it all down. The view of the St. Thom,as Harbor was just perfect from our table for two located next to the wall of glass.

So why did my wife fiudget. We were seated in the most ergometrically intolerable chairs that Marriott could design. The chairs were perfect for the first hour, and then you started to notice the lack of seat padding, the unpadded arms and back and you fidgeted enough to know it was time to leave.

As a former restauranture, this makes perfect sences if the chair is so comfortable that people linger all night you only sell one meal per seat. This one meal per seat could happen because the cooks are slow or the service was bad but this was definately not the case. So the only way to move satisfied customers out is to design a chair that instantaniously turns uncomfortable after 1 hour. Then you can serve 3-4 meals per night per seat because diners don’t linger yet they still leave satisfied.

Amazingy, Im really not pissed at Marriott for this epithany – the service, food and ambience were excellent and the price was reasonable. I’m only pointing out that fidgeting is a poor indicator of any disease (ADHD) because under the right circumstances, everybody fidgets.

PS Total weight gain for the weekend or beer drinking, beachparties breakfast and dinner out, abnd coctails and coinversations at all hours of the day and night – only 3 pounds and you just got to do it sometimes but by Wednesday morning, I had lost all of it do to my protective plateau which is keeping me at 226 or BMI of 35.

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