Fasting Day 5, Ooops!

Yesterday ended up being an accidental all day fast. Seems like I was able to maintain my manic hyperactivity and was doing construction around the house and trying to get it in shape for the holidays and the family visit. About 3 pm, I went back to my wife’s business and found a mess. One of her employees is resisting a new supervisor and not only didn’t work but left the staged work for others a total mess. The only way to correct it was to do her half day’s work and I finished about 7pm.

When I got home, my wife decided to cook on her newly installed gas stove. I had installed it without directions as part of my days work. In this case, it was not my fault as there were no directions with the stove. Well nothing worked but at least there were no gas leaks. I drank wine while patiently waiting and at 9 o’clock, she ate the uncooked open face sausage (Cooked previously) and mozzerella (not melted) sandwich on an untoasted roll and since I had finished the wine and 9 pm is way too late for me to eat, said the hell with it and went to bed.

Hey, it works for me. Down to 219.5 lbs or a loss of 7.5 pounds in 5 days. People can bitch all the want about fasting but the fact is it works. Especially, when I skip breakfast, stay off the cofee and keep active all day.

P.S. I take my vitamins and calcium everyday.

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