Fasting: Day 4, Going Strong?

So whats to complain about? It seems after 4 days of fasting, I’m doing so much manual labor that I could start the new year with my wife’s business and our house in perfect shape. I just can’t believe the focus of my high energy level that comes with fasting. I’m getting done all those repairs and improvements that have been on my list for years. As a side benefit, the work is tuning my body and I am now down to 222.2 lbs.

That’s a drop of 5 pound in 4 days.

All day long, I nibble on cucumbers and tomatoes (Its the time of year in the Caribbean where they are fresh from the vine.) and drink green tea, water and club soda. At night, I have my red wine with dinner and a good meal. Last night was Chicken Catachori and a full bottle of Fat Bastard Merlot. The wine drinking was spread over 3 hours as was the dinner hour. Best description of the evening – mellow.

One minor problem which is easy to schedule around is that I have little attention for paperwork and detailed tasks. But hell even under the best of times I have little attention for unnecessary paperwork.

So what’s the big problem? Girlfriend pointed out with fasting and intense physical activity all day, I’m just Too Tired To Fuck (TTTF) and frankly she liked it better when I was TFTF because I thought about sex all the time whether I could do it well or not. She felt wanted with all my sexual attention and besides, no other woman looked at me at BMI of 39 or 253 lbs. by the new scale, so she had no competition for girlfriend status.

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