Day 3, Half-Fasting in December

Well I started yesterday with a fast and ended with a celebration of life. What the hell, I still dropped half a pound to 224.0

I needed another high energy day so I fasted all day. I had one 3 oz cucumber and about 4 oz of tomatoes all day and worked manual labor all day. I fixed one machine that our employees should be using daily (down for 3 weeks) and another back up machine which is used daily and been down for 3 months. This is in addition to supervising a new maintenance man who took a starter motor off my truck and did miscellaneous small projects.

I got everything done by about 2pm including $200 worth of grocery shopping. (I was stocking up for the holidays.) When I got home, I still had energy to burn so I started cooking.

Now this is not as weird as it sounds. When I bartend I never drink. When I cook I always taste but made up my mind that like bartending, I could be reprogrammed. I started with fried ripe bananas. There are about 200 types of banana and some are just perfect for cooking. Young starchy ones are used as a filler in salads or as a starchy vegetable on the side. The type I was cooking was that sweet starchy one.

When perfectly ripe, you fry them in margarine and they are a firm sweet vegetable like sweet potato. Now these were overripe because I hadn’t eaten much while fasting and when they cooked up they turned to a delicious custard. I sprinkled on a little cinnamon and served it to my wife who immediately ate half, raved about it and put the other half in front of me. (No sugar or other ingredients.) Oh well it was only the equivalent to a pad of margarine (35 calories) and one medium banana (105 calories).

Next on my creative cooking spree was pig’s balls in tomato sauce. Now this was sort of a “makedo” recipe. You know if you don’t have all the ingredients you- make do. The first thing I was missing was pig’s balls or even ground pork, but I had some left over roasted pork and chicken which I wasn’t terribly interested in eating again so I ran it through the meat grinder added the bread and egg and seasoning and added it to the leftover homemade tomato sauce which wasn’t enough.

I found a few of those small cans of sauce and added that but needed more, so I found a 1/2 jar of prepared sauce and a ½ jar of salsa which have been around for awhile but didn’t seem to have any mold so added them. Since that was all there was it was makedo.

The balls formed easily and I added Them to the sauce. The problem was that after ½ hour of cooking the had not set into firm meet balls. They tasted great, But if they don’t set, I have no idea what to do with two quarts of meatball mush. Yeah, I taste tested but only one meatball (150 calories).

Meanwhile,I had changed my attention to the roasted duck and sweet potatoes for dinner. Since I already broke the fast, I took my wife to one of our favorite resort hotels for pre-dinner wine 2 glasses, and then had the duck and sweet potato with two more glasses of wine for dinner. End result, got a lot of work done because of my half day fast (until 3pm) and still lost ½ pound.

Go figure, the joy of channeled hyperactivity.

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