Day 2, Fasting in December

Well I went a second day of fasting.

By the way This is not a true fast but more like the fast that Muslims do during Rhamadan. I subsist on minimal inputs during daylight hours, do as much manual labor during the day as possible and at night I eat a light dinner. Unlike the Muslims, I usually have a few glasses of wine with dinner. After two days of this, I am stressing the plateau of 227 pounds and weighed in at 224.5.

Is it permanent?

It depends on two things with me. One, the new level has to be substantially below the current one. And when I quit fasting, I must be very diligent about not letting the weight rise for a few weeks. Once the plateau is stable, I can go back to being a genuine Fat Savage and my body will ignore my piggish tenancies and will fight to maintain the new lower plateau.

Is it worth it?

Well in August, I was officially TFTF (250 lbs.) and out of shape. It only took me 4 weeks to drop to 225. So for three months I have been healthy and sexually active. Yeah, I pushed the plateau to 232 and been as low as 215. But by constant monotoning my weight, manual labor and occasional self control, I have held the 227 plateau.

This is my first conscious effort to drop my weight down to about 215 to start the new year. The biggest obstacles are the family is coming home for the holidays and I have no real reason to want to do it other that when I skip breakfast and fast during the day, I have more nervous energy from ADHD and should be able to do the manual labor necessary to get the house in shape for the visit.

The New Year’s body will be a side benefit to my manual labor.

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