Fasting in December?

December is my Favorite month to fast! No lie, I love to fast in December. First off, with all the amateurs drinking at company parties, there are too many drunks on the road. Now Fat Savages drink every day of the year, so why not give it up during the holidays and make room at the bar for all the amateurs. Besides entering the new year trim and fit is kind of cool.

This year is gonna be exceptionally tough. I have my Daughter, Grand Daughters, Son in Law, and Niece coming down. Now this is a truly loving family so there will be lots of social gatherings where food and drink are involved. The family knows me well enough to know that I diet and fast whenever the mood hits me and I usually do quite well at maintaining or actually losing weight over the holidays. Today was just a typical one day mini fast. I drank tea all day (6 cups green and herbal) and water about 4 cups so far. I took my vitamins and calcium. The only substance I had for the day was a very small cucumber (2oz) and a medium tomato ( 3oz).

Amazingly I did this because I wanted a high energy day. When I eat a full breakfast and drink coffee I feel sated and lazy. When I don’t eat, I fell restless and keep moving in a manic manner. Today, I built a wall of shelve in the pantry, two new shelves for the storage room, and started constructing a new top for the hot tub and an outdoor table that had deterioated.

Like the little rabbit – I just kept on moving. At 61 years old, I’m stating to understand my body. If I want to work, then starve! If I want to sit at a desk all day, then eat and get seditary. I should see a lot more fasting days between now and the first of the year because I have alot of manual labor that needs to get done.

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