ADHD – The Evil Side

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is considered to be a chronic syndrome for which there is no medical cure. Up to 10% of adults may have the condition.

In a previous discussion of symptoms , I sort of acknowledged that on the hyperactive side of the list of symptoms, I made a maximum score of 10 per 10. I wasn’t really too upset as I have sort of adapted to hyperactivity as a positive personality trait and to those who don’t like me the way I am – the hell with them. Now as discussed, a positive diagnosis is usually only made if the person has experienced six of the 20 symptoms for at least three months. (10 describe inattention and 10 describe hyperactivity).

So not being completely nuts and having hit 10 per 10 on hyperactivity symptoms, I discussed the possibility with my Doctor. He agreed that I probably really have ADHD, but if I was happy with myself then why medicate? If I medicated, I may not be happy with the new normal me on Ritalin after a lifetime of hyperactivity. As long as self medication was working, why change? Probably, when I’m hyperactive in an old folks home some genius nurse or doctor will diagnose me as senile and drug me back to the norm. That’s why I’d rather die hang gliding or zip sliding than in an old folks home. My purpose in life is to die young as old as possible.

Meanwhile back to the symptoms of inattention:

1. Failing to pay close attention to details or making careless mistakes when doing schoolwork or other activities
2. Trouble keeping attention focused during play or tasks
3. Appearing not to listen when spoken to
4. Failing to follow instructions or finish tasks
5. Avoiding tasks that require a high amount of mental effort and organization, such as school projects
6. Frequently losing items required to facilitate tasks or activities, such as school supplies
7. Excessive distractibility
8. Forgetfulness
9. Procrastination, inability to begin an activity
10.Difficulties with household activities (cleaning, paying bills, etc.)

I take note as an overview that I have trained myself to moderate some of these symptoms unlike my hyperactive side which has no rein. This is because of the advise of mentors or the need to earn a comfortable living.

Symptom 1. This is definitely not me. I have worked in dangerous jobs that require attention to detail and I am almost a perfect asshole when it comes to observing employee failures and noting it to them.

Symptom 2. Not so perfect – I have so many responsibilities that any time I get edgy at one task I can jump to the next one until I get edgy at that one. Sooner or later, they all seem to get done.

Symptom 3. This is nonsense how can you be attentive and focused and still listen to peoples’ nonsense. Besides even though I’m typing this at work, I’m still listening to the sounds of the plant and can tell who’s in the building and who’s actually working. When I hear a change in patterns, I investigate by walking around.

Symptom 4. Two issues. I always finish tasks but I do it my way. Instructions are only for those who need them and are poorly written anyway so why use them.

Symptom 5. Yeah, I spend more time making new lists of things to do than I do addressing the issues at the bottom of the list. I have trained myself to invert this symptom.

Symptom 6. Well I have to admit that many people use my desk and keep moving my “To Do” list and misplacing my files so this is really not my fault.

Symptom 7. Working with 15 woman is like herding cats. Of course I’m constantly distracted as one of the overworked and underpaid woman (their concept not mine) deviates from their assigned tasks and I’m forced to spend time and energy to get them back on track. Even before I started writing this paragraph I looked it up for meaning at “Distractibility is the inability to sustain one’s attention or attentiveness, which is rapidly diverted from one topic to another: a symptom of a variety of mental disorders, as manic disorder, schizophrenia, or anxiety states.” Guess I’d rather have it as a symptom of ADHD than anything else

Symptom 8. If you don’t count names, attendance at meetings or appointments, my memory is pretty good.

Symptom 9. Procrastination is a mixed bag. I started this self appraisal on inattentiveness a week ago but because it was distasteful skipped it. On the other hand when it comes to real work that can only get worse and be dangerous, I do it instantly(fire bad employees). Government forms are the worst. After an inspection or tax audit, I ignore the crap until fear kicks in and rational thought moves it to the top of the list.

Symptom 10. I have absolutely no difficulties with household activities (cleaning, paying bills, etc.), I just don’t do them at all.

From any perspective, if hyperactivity makes life more fun, inattention makes it impossible to live in the real world. Thank God, I was born bright enough to compensate, because everyone of these symptoms can be hazardous to your ability to be productive in a mercantile world. Since I became aware of these symptoms a week ago, I have taken advantage of my new knowledge and programed myself to be more disciplined and cerebral and less hyperactive and physical. Self medication (legal drugs) have helped.

Now what the heck does all this have to do with dieting and weight loss? Everything! Self medication and being inactive at a desk brings with it unnecessary calories and a lack of natural activity. There is no sense trying to diet when you have a lot of paperwork to do. You should be happy to just maintain your weight. The easiest time for me to fast and diet is when I’m working the hardest. I always sort of knew that but not why. Now, in the context of ADHD it all makes sense.

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