ADHD and The Need to Excercise.

Well in my morning blog, I almost wrote a rebuttal to sanctimonious dribble in a post entitled “hot wings and beer” where the personal trainer who wrote it is glad that the person suffered from a hangover after 5 hours at Hooters eating hot wings and drinking beer. Now most of the diet sites I reference (The Middle Manager and Limenade and Watermelon) are fellow travelers on the path to healthy living who occasionally get diverted onto a side path of sinful indulgences.

Instead, I decided to redirect some positive energy to my contempt for exercise. The simple fact is I don’t exercise because I don’t need to. My family has been telling me for years that I have ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and that if I had not been born poor and before Ritalin was invented, I would have been drugged from 3 years old onward and since children who have ADHD are likely to be adults with the disease, I would still be drugged today – but then I wouldn’t be me. I would be me on Ritalin.

Now the advantage of ADHD is that I am constantly moving around. When forced to do projects for school, the only way I could do it was to write two sentences and then pace for a minute, go back and write manically than pace some more – even today I don’t write without hundreds of breaks.

As a manager, I still work like that — There is a managerial concept called Managing by Walking Around and if you have ADHD, it works great. You are constantly walking around, observing, talking with subordinates who learn to trust you and you learn to see who are the workers and who are the suck-ups. Then back to the office or cubical to manically write your reports. As long as the reports get done, most bosses don’t care about cubical hours – they want pounds of paper. It’s win-win. I walk around to find whats happening and the only discipline I ever achieved was to learn to write faster.

Now this constant fidgeting impacts my subliminal diet needs and also the energy spent in a day during normal activity. The other day I got really pissed at work, and decided that drinking would be a bad idea because I was in a vial mood and driving my MR2 Spyder capable of 140 miles per hour was also a bad idea as I was very distracted, so I started walking. Unintentionally, I walked six miles home in 1.5 hours. That’s a power walk speed of 4 miles an hour. (Not bad for an old man). When I got home, I wasn’t breathing hard, my heartbeat was under 85 and I felt comfortable enough for a glass of wine after a glass or two of water. (My crotch and chest were sweaty.)

When I told my doctor about it, he asked why I don’t do that more often – the answer is I don’t need to because I’m already in good shape from the nervous energy I expend each day. Now last year when when I pulled the groin tendon, I needed professional expertise to overcome the pain and learn to walk without a cane, run and skip. I did what was necessary to hang glide and now that I’m pain free and back in shape, nervous energy keeps me there.

There are other times that I exercise under protest but I’ll discuss them separately.

4 Responses to “ADHD and The Need to Excercise.”

  1. Mike E Says:

    You know, I’m Big Time fidgety myself. Darned odd that you’ve written about this, because I’ve long contended that the calories burned while I ‘Do The Mike E,’ as my friends say, are why I am so bizarrely skinny…

    Which serves to bolster my impression that you happen to know precisely what the fuck you’re doing.

    Ride The Breeze,
    Mike E

  2. Linda Says:

    i was wondering if you could tell me the name of the book that you published on the subject of ADHD.

  3. Linda Says:

    i was wondering if you could tell me the name of the book that you published on the subject of ADHD. My grandson has ADHD and even though he’s on medication it seems to just keep him calm. I noticed that he hates it when someone catches him in a lie and that is when his behavior problem starts….. I’d like to purchase your book for my daughter so that she can read up more about this ADHD problem that we all seem to suffer in some way or another… Thank u for your time…

  4. Mark Says:

    Thank You

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