Dueling Lifestyles – To Hell With Breakfast

Over at The Middle Manager, we are warned that skipping breakfast can hurt your diet.

Now my feelings on the subject are pretty much the opposite. When I’m not in fasting mode I consider Breakfast the most social meal of the day. We drop by an elegant resturant and get a hearty breakfast. My favorites are either bacon and eggs with rye toast or a bagel and cream cheese with lox. Either meal is washed down with a couple of cups of coffee and cream. (That’s about 400 to 600 calories) That’s really not to bad because I get up at 5 am, eat breakfast about 10am and skip the midday meal.

Now when my normal Fat Savage Lifestyle catches up with me and I start getting as lazy as a bloated pig just prior to slaughter, its time to go into fasting mode. I wrote the following post about three months ago on my first blog and its kind of a lazy writers trick to repeat it but it points out how and why I skip breakfast.

“Its doubtful that any real savage would start the day with a hearty breakfast. While living in a scary world full of natural and unnatural enemies, the never ending quest for food is hard enough without feeling groggy. A protein rich breakfast is rich in tryptophane which is a precursor to serotonin and this would make the savage drowsy and sleepy. Seems to me if you were a savage bright enough to survive you would wake up, cleanse your mouth with something, drink some fluid (probably water) and get on with your daily fight for survival.

I envision a savage spending a day pretty much the way I did as a kid. I would get up brush my teeth, maybe have a glass of juice, if any was in the house and start exploring my environment. I learned to separate shale along creek beds to find fossils, I didn’t know what they were but I knew fossils were unique and different and you were lucky to find one. I learned to eat the fruits that birds eat. There were wild berries all summer long and cherries and apples. Even in winter the frozen apples under a apple tree were still sweet and good to eat.

When a neighbor cleared his land for a truck garden, I had unlimited access to raw vegetables all sumer long. Strawberries, tomatoes, snap beans, radishes, carrots were plentiful and all you had to do was eat and run before you got shot at (rocksalt) and come back in an hour and eat again.

To this day I would rather eat raw vegetables than cooked ones. Now I find out that there is a diet cult based on zero calorie foods and all my favorites make the list. If you want to read more on zero calorie foods you can get the book by clicking the Amazon link for low calorie foods.”

It should be obvious that during weight reduction periods, I replace belly bloating pleasurable morning eating experiences with grazing raw fruits and vegetables and washing it all down with plenty of water.

2 Responses to “Dueling Lifestyles – To Hell With Breakfast”

  1. themiddlemanager Says:

    That last paragraph beat me to my next “tip of the day.” 🙂 I will have to put that one on the shelf for reshuffle!

    Very interesting post – I am going to give it a ping back on mine to present my readers with a differening point of view.

    Good post – keep ’em coming!


  2. Tip of the Day - Eat Breakfast « The Middle Manager Says:

    […] Update: Over at the FatSavage blog, there is a very interesting (and competing) point of view.  The blog suggests that eating a hearty breakfast can leave us feeling groggy. […]

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