Calorie counting for Me and You

I’ve never been any good at calorie counting. When I’m in the Fat Savage mode I pretty much eat and drink what I want. When I start to break out of a safe plateau area, I quit drinking, eat rabbit food all day, drink lots of water and eat a decent night time meal with or without wine depending on my desire to reduce.

I’ve been on a steady plateau for a month or so when I went to visit the kids in America. Naturally, a cultural delight is to visit a Barnes and Nobel, the bigger the better. Like many people I buy my books on line from Amazon, but I love the smell of real books and the eclectic offerings of real book stores either chain or independent.

So on the last trip I was introduced to Skinny Bitches and Calorie Counters. I purchased a copy of Allan Borusheck’s Food and Excercise Journal and read it on the plane back home.

Well the book was worth the $3.99 as it allowed me to figure out that during sex I probably burned about 7 calories a minute and no matter how satisfying a 30 minute “quicky” can be, as exercise it only burns about 210 calories. If you want to burn more calories, you just have to commit to longer time periods for love making the same as any other exercise.

The first day I decided to count calories started in a normal way. We went to a fine beach resort and started with a hearty breakfast. I had coffee with milk, and a bagel, lox and cream cheese. Midday, I had an apple, tomato and cucumber. By the end of the day, I was stressed and stopped with my wife for a glass of wine. We decided to blow off dinner so the evening’s caloric intake consisted of caviar and brie on bagel chips followed by a ½ cup of chocolate ice cream and a bottle of wine. The next day I had dropped 3 pounds and decided I needed to total the calories. Well all that fun stuff totals 1940 calories, 89 grams of fat and 206 carbohydrates. Considering I took my multi-vitamins and calcium, I guess I would consider that a pretty healthy day.

Seriously, I doubt I can carry around a calorie counter and document what I did all day. But it really is a little bit of fun to find out that the things you love are not all that bad and if you’re going to count calories, you may as well do it with a $4 book as a $10 one.

2 Responses to “Calorie counting for Me and You”

  1. themiddlemanager Says:

    I went through about a month of calorie counting using an online source since I spend a lot of time at my computer. I used – its free and pretty easy to use.

    Like you, though, it gets kind of monotonous day in and day out. The people I know who have stuck with it have been really successful.

    You can be successful with out it, however. Once you have a good handle on what a portion of a food looks like, and the approximate number of calories in that food, you can keep pretty good track in your head, and it becomes second nature.

    Again, great post – if I could only be half as entertaining! Thanks for visiting my blog – I am going to add your site to the blog roll right now!


  2. fatsavage Says:

    Thanks for the complement – I’ll try to keep on writing with humor and love. I actually like me. I’m adding you to my blogroll – Dieters need every kind of positive support to develop a new lifestyle which isn’t too onerous. I read blogs where people are working far to hard to develop a sustainable life style. Easy changes like pay attention to portion control and drink sufficient water each day are part of a Fat Savage Sustainable Lifestyle and probably Themiddlemanager Lifestyle. Keep on researching and blogging and I’ll keep experimenting with my living science laboratory – ie my Lifestyle.

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