Man is a Pleasure Seeking Animal.

If you’ve ever watched dogs or cats, they are pleasure seeking animals. They love to play, nap, eat, fuck and soak in the sun. Given unlimited food, they eat until they get fat. Play with them and they’ll keep on playing until you get too tired to continue. Sit with them, rub them and love them, and they’ll let you pet them forever. If you fail to neuter them, they never spend a night at home.

Since I don’t claim much more than being a pleasure seeking fat savage, I’ve got to have a pretty good reason to deprive myself of food and booze. I’ve written before about the need to establish goals prior to dieting because without a goal, it’s hard to justify any deprivation

Right now, I’ve met all my short term goals. I’m in good enough shape to be sexually active, I sleep well at night, acid reflux is gone and I’m a member of the clean underwear club (If your too fat you have bowl problems and can’t reach to clean.) So what’s the problem?

My body mass index says that I’m officially in the middle of the obese range (34) and it will be far easier to gain 30 than hold this plateau. Setting a goal of losing 30 pounds to get healthy isn’t good enough – I’m already healthy. Setting a goal of a better shape serves no purpose – I already have a wife and a girlfriend and both are comfortable with my current shape. In short, I’m sort of contented with where I’m at knowing full well that it is not the perfect long term weight.

So, my major task in the next few weeks is to develop a goal to lose a few more pounds that is meaningful to me and will give me a reason to deprive myself of short term pleasure for long term gain.

One Response to “Man is a Pleasure Seeking Animal.”

  1. Mike E Says:

    Indeed: a Warrior always knows Why.

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