My Body – The Perfect Science Lab

Whenever I’m on a diet, I weigh myself about 10 times a day. I take note of how much I gain with meals and how much I lose from getting stuck doing manual labor for the day. I don’t normally weigh myself at night because I keep the scale in the office. Yesterday, I finaly broke down and purchased a new electronic scale for the house. Now the first thing I found out is that my old office scale was 3 pounds lighter which is no big deal. At 247 I was really 250 but I was too fat to fuck ( TFTF). At 235, I was really 238 but this is the weight where I was no longer TFTF, and my LAS, Sharts and farts disappeared.

Where my new ability to night time weight watch got interesting was documenting what I did to myself after I left work. During the course of the day, I ate and drank enough to get to 228 which was 225 on the old scale. After a few glasses of wine at a water front beach resort, we had steak San Marco on a bed of noodles with salad on the side washed down with a bottle of wine. My weigtht at bed time was 232. Thank god for weight plateaus. When I woke up and SSS, I was a mere 227 on the new scale, 223 on the old (BMI = 34).

Now that I have access to a night time scale, I might cut back on cocktails and dinner. (Ha) Remember, The only goal I have is to live a long and healthy rest of my life and not be limited by weight in anything I do. Now this is a double edged sword. If I get obsessively anorexic – I can’t enjoy food or wine and the lounges of resort hotels. If I get bloated and out of shape, I can’t try new stuff like hang gliding, zip sliding or white water rafting; and god forbid I get TFTF again.

One Response to “My Body – The Perfect Science Lab”

  1. themiddlemanager Says:

    Your posts are great! Funny, funny, and yet serious at the same time. I have enjoyed reading your blog over the past week or so.

    You definitely hit the nail on the head, you don’t want to torture yourself to lose weight, but don’t want to torture yourself by being to heavy. It is a fine balance.

    Keep the posts coming, I am looking forward to following your progress!


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