Occum’s Razor – SIDS & Junk Science

This site is not about SIDS, it’s about obesity and a personal quest to conquer it. That being said it’s just hard for me to resist a good battle over junk science. My comments last post were really not about what causes SIDS or the potential for a cure, the comments were directed at research that tends to blame the victim without a cause-effect link.

If you are from a Blue State it is probably fashionable to believe that the causes of SIDS have their roots in poverty. Young teenage mothers living at home in poverty might allow their babies to be exposed to Tobacco smoke and even worse contact with other airborne drugs. Due to poverty there might not be a regulation hard mattress crib for the child and the lack of neonatal care would mean the undereducated child lets her baby sleep on its stomach to keep it from choking on its own puke. They might even lay the child down for a nap on the living room couch with all its soft surfaces or even worse with her little sister who loves to watch the child and sleep with it.

We learn of the Blue state cure from SIDS.org where young poor momma’s should “Avoid crowds. Carefully clean anything that comes in contact with the baby. Have people wash their hands before holding or playing with your baby.” Hell white people from New Jersey don’t ask their relatives to do that and they even lay their kids on a bed stuffed between two pillows when visiting friends and relatives. As a 62 year old Fat Savage, no one black or white, rich or poor has ever asked me to wash my hands before holding a nasty rug rat with a runny nose who was about to puke, shit or piss on me.

While waiting to eliminate poverty and increase neonatal education, the Red State cure is to engage in basic research and let the wonders of modern science cure all with drugs that profit the pharmaceutical companies based on research funded by taxpayers.

Now I’m not sure if I’m Red or Blue as I went to a University that used both colors but I learned to respect the wisdom of Occum’s Razor which can be paraphrased to: “All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one.” I also believe that any research that blames the victim should not be included in any list of equal choices.

Let’s explore “she got raped because her skirt was too short.” Now woman get raped in India and Pakistan who are fully clothed so that’s hardly a credible explanation. He got killed because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. If this were true it would be a universal defense for the guilty. How about “her kid died because she was born poor”?

I don’t know what causes SIDS but I do know that any research which simply places the blame on the victim is not good research. After all who wants to tell a person that your kid died because the Fat Savage didn’t wash his hands? In a Blue State should we charge the Fat Savage with murder or in a script for “Law and Order” charge him with depraved indifference and manslaughter?

This is really too much bullshit for any savage to understand and it detracts from legitimate research.

One Response to “Occum’s Razor – SIDS & Junk Science”

  1. Kelly Says:

    This is a good post…. I think the think that annoys me most about SIDS and lots of other ‘baby’ related issues.. is that depending on which pediatrician you ask, they always give different opinions. For instance… it’s supposed to be a HUGE ‘no no’ to lay any baby on their stomach due to SIDS… however most pediatricians will also say that if your baby only sleeps well on their stomach to go ahead and do it, because your baby sleeping well is far more important than the miniscule chance that they will actually die of SIDS from stomach sleeping – especially in a non smoking home. This makes me wonder how important it really is.

    Don’t get me wrong, I lay my 2 month old on her back to sleep ‘just in case’… but it’s still kind of puzzling to me.

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