Thank God for Weight Loss Plateau’s

Its normal for people on a diet to bitch about weight loss plateaus. This is the body’s natural tendency to fight any big weight loss. As you start eating less, you start digesting more and processing the food you do eat more efficiently. Now where the “Thank God” part comes in is when you give up there is no immediate weight gain. I stopped dieting about a month ago when I was an artificial 215. In the first week my weight jumped to 220 and has hovered between 218 and 223 (BMI=34)with absolutely no effort.

Yesterday I ate ½ pound cheddar cheese, pretzels, beer, wine and rum along with a dinner of sweetbreads for an appetizer and a duck melody containing a duck palif, duck liver pate and duck pastrami served on plenty of bread. Think I did a predinner snack of cold greasy kielbasi. Any way it was a “See Food” day where if I saw it I ate it – oh yeah I forgot the 2 dozen large gourmet black and green olives, the apple, and two bell peppers.

Guess what? I wake up and do my morning weigh-in and I’m still 220 – you got to love those plateau’s on the way up as much as you hate them on the way down.

My doctor told me on Saturday to stop tormenting my body and get back on the diet or one weekend I’ll wake up with a quick 30 pound gain and have to work like hell to drop it. I’ve only done that about 100 times in my life. Unfortunately, I’m going to visit my daughter and son-in-law and I love to party with him, so I probably won’t get serious about the Fat Savage Diet until I get back. And yes my biggest jumps alway occur after a week vacation with nothing to do but eat and drink. In paradise, I spent a large part of yesterday working and then in the sea for a soak and swim and then in the naturally heated solar pool to relax. My accidental exercise in paradise in a day is more that I do in cold weather in a week.

2 Responses to “Thank God for Weight Loss Plateau’s”

  1. Mike E Says:

    Hey buddy! I just realized I’ve neglected to add FatSavage to my bloglines feeds. I was just about to email you & demand fresh posts or else

    …Or else what? Well. If a grandmotherly-type Samoan midget crawls up your leg with a DMT-filled syringe between her teeth, while you sleep tonight — at least you know Why.

    I’ll try to call her off but fear it’s too late.

    My bad.

    On other fronts…Occasional well-won ‘See Food’ days, I hazard to guess, are strategically key components in any good diet plan.

    Feed the Demon. Why? Demons are our friend!

    The enemy in Shame.

  2. mywtstory Says:

    This post helped me. I’m at a plateau and it really has me down. I really am working hard. But I try to remember that on an 1800 calorie diet:
    I have to burn 1800 calories to stay even.
    If I burn less than 1800 calories I increase fat mass.
    If I burn more than 1800 calories i decrease fat mass.

    I’m really struggling thanks for the help. My achilles heel is I like to drink in the evenings.

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